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This is a list of tags on the Booru and an explanation for each tag.

Top-Level Tags

  • safe - guaranteed safe memes that can be posted on all social media platforms
  • questionable - memes with edgy content such as conspiracies and jokes about violence
  • explicit - memes with gore or otherwise unsafe content

Argument Tags

Argument tags are the most important tags on the website. All memes should be debunking arguments in favor of circumcision in one way or another, unless they are simply funny memes.

Pro-Circumcision Arguments

  • female_preference_argument - arguments that circumcision should be performed for women's pleasure
  • health_argument - arguments that circumcision should be performed for health (this tag should be used alongside cancer_argument, std_argument, etc. as a subargument)
  • hygiene_argument - arguments that circumcision should be performed for hygiene
  • locker_room_argument - arguments that circumcision should be performed to prevent bullying or ostracization
  • memory_argument - arguments that circumcision should be performed because the infant will not remember
  • extra_skin_argument - arguments that the foreskin is "extra" skin

Anti-Circumcision Arguments

  • legal_argument - arguments that circumcision either should be illegal or already is illegal
  • moral_argument - arguments that circumcision is immoral based on a moral code (Deontology, utilitarianism, etc.), not subjectively immoral
  • pain_argument - arguments that circumcision causes pain and/or PTSD to infants
  • religious_double_standard_argument - arguments that if Jews are allowed to circumcise their sons, then Muslims should also be allowed to circumcise their daughters
  • sensation_argument (aliases: pleasure_argument) - arguments that circumcision reduces sensation and/or pleasure of the penis.
  • medical_profit_argument (aliases: medical_profit, medical_greed, greed) - arguments that circumcision is performed mainly for medical profit.